Concrete Repairs in BATON ROUGE, LA

Concrete Repairs in BATON ROUGE, LA

Trust us to fix your damaged concrete efficiently

JP Allen Construction makes repairing damaged concrete simple! Our skilled team provides a variety of commercial and residential concrete repair services in Baton Rouge, LA.

Don't wait too long, damage to your concrete can be:

  1. Dangerous - ignoring cracks and raised sections of concrete can result in injuries to yourself or others
  2. Unappealing - failing to fix concrete damage to your driveway or sidewalk can ruin your curb appeal
  3. Costly - not addressing concrete problems early may lead to more expensive repairs down the road

  • Concrete patio repair project
  • Concrete sidewalk repair task
  • Concrete driveway repair job
  • Commercial concrete repair

If the concrete in your parking lot is beyond repair, we can remove it and put in a new parking lot surface for you.
For more information about our concrete repair services, call (225)-921-1940 now.