asphalt striping baton rouge la

What Is Asphalt Striping?

Improve the safety of your parking lot in Baton Rouge, LA

After your Baton Rouge, LA parking lot has been paved, patched or sealed, it's time to stripe the asphalt surface. Parking lot striping involves adding any lines that are needed to designate:

  • Parking spaces
  • Fire zones
  • Handicap spaces
  • Walkways

JP Allen Construction provides asphalt striping for any commercial asphalt surface. We can stripe in blue, white, yellow and red. Call today to schedule asphalt striping for your parking lot.

3 reasons you need quality parking lot striping

Improve your business in many ways with parking lot striping from JP Allen Construction. Professional asphalt striping in your parking lot will increase:

  1. Safety: Lines that are easy to see allow drivers to safely enter and exit your parking lot.
  2. Aesthetics: Bright, bold lines will enhance the look of your parking lot.
  3. Functionality: A well-designed parking lot improves the traffic flow for visitors.

Impress your customers with asphalt striping from JP Allen Construction. Call today to learn more about our process.